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Dopamine is an ongoing investigation on positivity, a collection of some candid first-hand experiences. We, a bunch of creative enthusiasts, are on a quest to spread optimism through quality content and making it the new norm. Together we’re learning to be ourselves, changing mindsets and doing more of what makes us feel good.


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We are trying to spread positivity through creativity magazines. Checkout our recent issues below!
Dopamine Positivity Magazine Issue 2
April '19 Issue

Happiness is real when it is shared, so here we are! Bigger, brighter and better than the last time. We took happiness submissions from all around, in various forms and have squared it this time with our second edition!

Dopamine Positivity Magazine Issue 3
July '19 Issue

We hope this home of warm poetry and inspiring articles flutters fireflies of comfort in your heart. Don’t forget to share these with your friends, family, colleagues, even strangers and make their day!

Dopamine Positivity Magazine Issue 4
November '19 Issue

Can you hear the drum roll?! Be ready to delve into an amazing combination of beautifully synced words, artworks, photographs and a lot more in this edition.

Issue 5
April '20 Issue

If you are feeling down about this sudden change and uncertainty in the midst of whirlwind of quarantine, do not worry. We are here with a breath of fresh air. Unleashing a ray of optimism and joy through our 5th edition.

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You might not know how many people your work can help feel better. Maybe someone will smile. Maybe you’ll make someone’s day.
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In a Nutshell

Curating and creating optimism in a life surrounded by chaos and negativity is all we do.

Our Vision

A glee, joyful life is at our fingertips. It’s we who have to unfurl that magic within us. We, at Dopamine Planet, are on a quest to create quality content and together make it a new norm. This packet of kindness and joy called DOPAMINE is intricately curated by bringing together beautiful and creative minds who see the world from the brighter side and we wish to entail your life strongly, beautifully yet subtly. Together with you, we want to curate this parcel of positivity which can be cherished forever.

Dopamine Cisions Positivity Happiness

Our Aim

We hope this home of warmth and kindness leaves you with a soothing comfort in your heart.
In a world where everyone is fixated at mending imperfections and only what’s wrong stands out, we hope you choose optimism, choose positivity, choose happiness, by embarking on this journey with us by subscribing to us @dopamineplanet.

Dopamine Aims Positivity Happiness

Our Tagline

let positivity engulf you – A catchy phrase to brighten your day and give you hope, that’s what our tagline is all about. We allow so many negative emotions to surround us, and even fall prey to some of them. So let positivity engulf you and give you fireflies of hope, positivity and smile.

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Our Logo

The scientific symbol of Dopamine, the happiness and motivation chemical in our brain merged with a splash of colours signifying joy to send a rush of Dopamine in your body to boost you up, is what our logo is all about. Written creatively to visually soothe, beautify and add a bit of positivity is the zest behind our logo.

Dopamine Positivity Magazine brings Happiness logo - let positivity engulf you

Our team

The people who make the magic happen.
Dopamine Positivity Magazine Cofounder Editor Harshita Nagpal
Harshita Nagpal


Dopamine Positivity Magazine Cofounder Technician Mashu Ajmera
Mashu Ajmera


srinidhi srinivasan
Srinidhi Srinivasan

Content Handler

Let Positivity Engulf You 17
Samyak Samantaray


Dopamine Positivity Magazine Public Relations Head Devika Gujrani
Devika Gujrani

Public Relations



Hear it from our collaborators in their own words!
Ajay Singh Peelwa

I had a chance to get featured in Dopamine, the positivity magazine as a wildlife artist. The team really featured my wildlife artworks well! They focused on the need for wildlife and habitats conservation which is the main aim for me to create my artworks. Their work in the magazine is worth reading and I would recommend it to everyone and wish them success! Hope to see Dopamine achieve greater heights in the future!
Best wishes!

Ajay Singh Peelwa


Let’s push each other out of our comfort zones, explore, encourage and explore opportunities!
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The LNM Institute of information Technolog

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Rupa ki Nangal, Post-Sumel, Via-Jamdoli Jaipur, Rajasthan 302031 India

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Where to find us

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