Self Love: The Key to a Happy Life

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line! Go read these words of wisdom and more in this article.

Self-love the key to a happy life dopamine issue 3 positive

By Srinidhi Srinivasan

What inspired me to write this article?

Battling loneliness, depression and anxiety I discovered that many of these feelings can be controlled and put to check, if I learn to fall in love with myself. In your circle of friends, family, known and strangers, there will always be only a few who will genuinely want to get out the best from you, who will push you to your limits to help you fly high. The hands that will pull you down will always be more than those who will push you up. You will hear lesser words of motivation and more of harsh criticism to bring you down. I learnt this the hard way in life. And because you expect things from people, you get disappointed when things go the other way round. But, when you start loving yourself in a way that you are the most deserving, worthy and desirable in this universe, you will feel a surge of optimism and positivity.

First love yourself, love yourself to an extent that giving love to others wouldn’t empty your box of self-love. It isn’t vanity, it’s pure sanity.

Why is self-love important? Why is it important to love yourself?

When you start believing that you have everything you need to achieve big, and you have a mission and purpose in life and start respecting your life and loving it with all its imperfections, when you feel complete in yourself the way you are, when you become your own honest critique, you are liberated. You don’t depend on anyone else. You start loving yourself no matter what happens and then nothing else matters. You can overcome everything and you feel happy. Just to convey this personal experience to others, I wrote this article. 

When/Why did you write it and put it into words?

When I chanced upon the opportunity of submitting a piece of  work for an online magazine based on positivity, I penned down this journey of mine so as to help those who are struggling with low self esteem and lack of self love to know the power of liberation and happiness that loving oneself has and try to implement it in their lives in bits and pieces and pave their own way to a joyful life. 

In so many years of education, nobody ever taught how important self-love is and after realising it’s importance in the dark phase of my life, I thought let’s pen this down, it might help someone.  

Pain is inevitable, that’s a part and parcel of life; but suffering, it’s optional.

How is it related to being positive?

It’s easy to give in to the whirlpool of negative emotions that will swirl you in its tide. Just one harsh word, and the feeling of sadness lingers on. When you don’t feel like you fit in, when you don’t feel worthy enough, when you don’t feel you can ever make friends or find love, all these feelings heightens the lower conditions of life and makes us feel negative. But when we fall in love with our own selves first, when we feel that we deserve the love we so freely give to others and start acknowledging that, when we become so complete and comfortable in ourselves, we automatically start our way on the road of optimism.

Cultivate the art of self love and see mystically happiness will be nurtured and developed in your life’s garden.

How did I know about Dopamine?

One of my friends told me about this online magazine and asked me to pen down something on positivity as I write well and that’s how I came to know about this wonderful intiative.

How has your experience with Dopamine been?

My experience with Dopamine has been amazing. All the interactions with the team, the way they encourage and get the better side of you out, it’s all wonderful.

Srinidhi is a self-taught artist whose soul comfort is writing. A passionate seeker, she voices the beauty of life and healing while finding positives in the negatives, and makes one embrace the ups and downs of life. Her unsaid thoughts converse through her words, and none can part her from writing until her heartbeats.

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