Soshi’s: Live Life Deliciously

Soshi's: Making life delicious

When you are truly passionate about something, the universe conspires to make the dream come true. ❤️ Read the interview with Soumya and Devanshi, the two kick-ass women who turned their love for cooking into a happy start up and get inspired to follow your dreams.

Soshi's: Live Life Deliciously 1

By Devanshi & Soumiya

What is your bond like?

We always joked about opening a pizzeria together when we worked as STEPs in Trident, chennai…and we have worked together a lot so we know we vibe and have an understanding.
So we are a two-woman army running this brand. We do everything – cooking, marketing, designing, pr, sales, development etc..We have our own talents & skills and our own weaknesses…but we kind of compliment each other. We get each other even though we are not at all alike and usually, we want different things and have opposite ideas but we always find a balance and that’s what forms the uniqueness in our brand.

Cooking is love made visible.

Since when have you guys been cooking?

We both started cooking when we were really young, we guess around the age of 11-12.

What's the first dish you cooked?

Soumiya – Pesto Pasta with a handmade pesto my dad bought from Italy.
Devanshi – I don’t remember clearly but I guess I baked an Apple cake with my mother, which came out really well.

How does cooking make you feel?

Devanshi – I enjoy the entire process of cooking because it feels good, comfortable and definitely makes my days better!

Soumiya – Cooking and baking for me are like therapy. It’s something that can simply turn my mood and day around. The entire process is so calming. I get lost or go into a zone where it’s just me and fluid motions of a knife chopping something or a whisk mixing something or a spatula folding something. And the moment I see the end product, it fills me with contentment and somehow just helps me unwind.

Real cooking is more about following your heart than following recipies.

What are your thoughts and feelings regarding your venture, Soshi?

Soumiya – I’m running Soshi with my best friend, doing exactly what I love and getting a creative outlet which I am very happy about.

Devanshi – Soshi made me an entrepreneur with the thing I love the most working with- Food.  And now that I am creating a menu for my cafe, I am looking forward to experimenting and introducing new flavours to everyone.
Working with my best friend, in a space like Soshi, is bringing my creative, talented side and helping me grow and evolve.

Devanshi and Soumiya are food geniuses, working together to build their culinary brand named “Soshi”. They believe that food brings people together and spreads happiness.

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